This is a common problem for creatives. We romanticize the process. We want to be adored for our work so much we just sell without having to be all in people’s faces because they love us.

The truth is, if you’re not willing to go through that process, you remain invisible (think starving artist).

Everyone has something unique to lend. You writing this now is unique because it’s your perspective. The business aspect is still important but instead of thinking about it like shoving yourself down people’s throats, try lending some insight, expertise, or teaching something new.

Make it about everyone else. Good marketing is an 80/20 split, the 20% being the part that’s actually about you and your stuff. The 80% is what pulls them in because they start to follow you because you’re just being a dope, helpful, entertaining person. That’s community building and gaining trust. You’ll get there, but it’s a decision.

You’re not alone, so I hope that helps.

I help consulting firms and agencies make impactful, client focused content. Firm believer in quality over quantity. Opinionated New Yorker 🖖🏾

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