Why Bad Movies Make Great First Dates

Seeing a good film is cool. Laughing at a bad one together is modern romance.

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Going to see a movie has long been a standard date night activity. For some, with so many date night options, a movie can seem like a safe bet with lots of choices that should satisfy anyone.

I usually advise against going to the movies on a first date, especially if you haven’t conversed much before asking them out. But when I do greenlight a first date movie, it’s for the benefits of seeing the worst movie out.

The Point of First Dates

Couples go on date nights to do things that break up the monotony that often comes with being together for a while. First dates have a very different goal than a couple’s date night.

The point of a first date is to get to know each other. That’s an activity on its own and should be the main attraction.

This is why a simple date can be better than an expensive, extravagant one.

Over-the-top dates can distract you from who you’re spending time with because your attention is on what you’re doing or where you’re doing it.

The best way to get to know someone new is to talk to them. There’s no substitute for that. Chatting about different topics helps you decide if they’re the type of person you want to spend more time with, even if only for a second date.

Why Good Movies Suck on First Dates

Watching a movie can be fun but nothing about sitting in a dark, quiet room says it’s a great space to get to know someone.

In a best-case scenario, you both enjoyed the movie. But what part of that time did you spend actually interacting with or intellectually sparring with your date?

To top things off, if you don’t know each other well, you don’t know what each other looks for in a movie. And no one wants to come off as hard to please on a first date.

In a worst-case scenario, you both dislike the movie you thought the other person was enjoying. How do you think that date goes?

Going on a date to see a good movie makes that part of the night about the movie, not your time together. So how do you refocus going to the movies on the more intimate aspect of the date? You find the worst movie available.

Why Bad Movies Make Great First Dates

While it’s agreed that everyone remains quiet for the duration of a good movie, no one expects absolute silence during a bad movie.

Though you’ll still want to whisper, you should have enough room around your seats to not disturb anyone.

This is what makes the bad movie so good on a first date. Making fun of the ridiculous aspects of the movie can give you a great opportunity to tap into your date’s sense of humor in a way that you couldn’t while seeing a good movie.

This is important because a shared sense of humor can be a good indicator of relationship success.

Whether or not you can play well together or if they’ll use your silly moment to make you feel stupid can be important to identify early on to understand their sense of humor in relation to yours.

Having a shared sense of humor isn’t just about the jokes or being funny. It’s about speaking the same language of humor, being able to play with and off of each other's remarks and thoughts. It can also help you ease the tension in a time of conflict.

Bad Movies for the Win

Good movies can be great to see together once you’re a few dates more familiar with each other. But if you’re thinking of doing a movie on your first date, the worst movie out will help you learn far more about your date and how well you play together than a great movie ever will.

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